Halo Creative, small company, big service

You’re not just another number to us, not just dollar signs. We take a very personal interest in seeing you succeed.

Our CEO personally oversees each and every project, to ensure it meets the client’s expectations. Our firm has been very successful in creating an infrastructure to support any kind of project and just about any project’s needs.

We are designers, programmers, coders, project managers, project planners and market strategists. Means we can help.

McKay Stewart

Partner / Art Director

McKay Stewart studied both design and programming at Loyola Marymount University. Rare to do both. But both is what is needed, to deliver products in these areas. You’ve got to be both practical and like to make things pretty. Or cool. Or rad. Or hip. Or edgy. Or whatever your vibe may be. But it’s gotta be your vibe. Or that’s a flunk.

McKay oversees his developers, designers and project managers in Los Angeles, California. Yes that is really him in the photo, with the actual downtown Los Angeles skyline in the background.

Halo Creative

Halo Creative addresses each project based on its needs—our solutions are personalized! Try us, you will not be disappointed.

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